Anatomy of a Family Reunion

Does planning a family reunion seem overwhelming? There are only 4 essentials to any family gathering.


deflam / / CC BY-NC

1. The People – If they’re related to you, invite them. If they feel like family, invite them too. If you think someone will be missed if they don’t come, invite them.

2. The Food – This will depend upon your people, but cater something if you can afford it. In Carolina country, we usually lean toward BBQ. Cheap, filling, everybody likes it. If catering is out of the question, then the cooking will most likely fall to the “aunts.” You know who they are. I’ll cover cooking for a crowd in a future post.

3. The Photos – Here are some shots you don’t want to miss:

  • The whole group
  • Grandma and Grandpa’s original, immediate family
  • Individual family shots
  • All the grandkids together with and without Grandparents
  • Crazy cousin shots

You don’t have to hire a professional, just find a friend and lend him your digital camera. The photos are almost as important as the food.

4. The Fun – Most of the time, the fun will make itself, once people get together. But planning for “fun” might help determine your location – is there a volleyball court, a softball field, miniature golf course, or horse shoe pit nearby? Maybe you picnic on a lake or near a pool. Maybe you bring several card decks for a huge game of “I doubt it,” Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Up and Down the River, or a multi-table Uno tournament.

Here’s a great resource for planning a reunion:

A Familiar Shore takes place during an annual family gathering, so we are taking a closer look at how to make your family gathering great. Stay tuned for our Family Gathering Fiasco Contest…




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