To Blog or Not to Blog?

That is my question.

I’m a writer. A fiction writer. Blogging is . . . not fiction, generally speaking. It’s not my thing. Especially the fact that to make a blog sing, it needs to be current, active, and constantly updated in a regular fashion.


You see, I have this reservoir filled with creative lemonade. And I can use that lemonade like fuel to write blogs or novels or short stories or personal letters or whatever else gets me excited. But every day the reservoir has a limited supply of lemonade. It gets filled up periodically, but it is not eternally full. So when I use some of the lemonade to write a blog, there is less available for a personal letter or a short story.

I’ve decided to use the lemonade for things ¬†which I feel best equipped to write, the things I do best. Those things are not this blog.

However! I plan to write a short and pithy newsletter, only sent out when there’s something to say – I promise! Probably only a couple times per year. It might include a short story, a rumination, or news about my next book. It will NOT say nothing just for the sake of saying something.

I’m utterly grateful for everyone who signed up to follow me on the blog. But since the blog will be officially shut down soon, would you take a minute to sign up for the newsletter? All you have to do is click the HOME button at the top of this page and then enter your email in the form on the right hand side under “Letters from Jennifer Fromke.”

Thanks so much – I really look forward to staying in touch!

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