Twin Tuesday – Twice the Double Trouble!

Today I welcome Sheryl Holmes, one of my co-authors from The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt! She was blessed with TWO sets of twins! WOWZA! After you read her post, I hope you’ll check out her blog and her book, which is a memoir entitled TOWDAH.

Here’s Sheryl:

At the risk of sounding cliché, TWINS can certainly be DOUBLE-TROUBLE!

My first set of twins – yes, you read that right – my FIRST set of twins were boys. Fraternal. Born ten weeks early… (the first sign of trouble!).

Three pound bundles grew to be energetic twenty pounders in no time.  I recall one fall afternoon I became suddenly aware that the house was very still and quiet.  Now, all mothers know this can be a dangerous sign!  Stopping myself and holding my own breath, I bent an ear to listen.  A gentle rustle of a bag was all I heard.  Then, a rolling sound – like a ball across the floor filled the silence.  As I slunk down the hallway with stealth and peeked around the dining room archway, my mouth fell open with a gasp.

Two little boy heads turned to look up at me and laughed with delight.  I found my double – trouble sons sitting contentedly, surrounded by most of a bushel of apples splayed across the floor — each with one or two tiny bites taken out of them!

Years later, you can see in this picture, my sons continue to find enjoyment in the simplest of things!



Eleven years after my first set of twins and four children in between, I gave birth to my second set of twins.  Boys first. Then girls second.  These girls were an odd kind of identical twinning having one sac, but two placenta’s, and overcame the prediction that neither of them would survive. Our God is a great and awesome God!

They too gave me their share of “double-trouble!”  Not apples, but eggs.  About four dozen of them plopped on the floor!  How they got the refrigerator door open I’ll never know…

But more than curious and delightful trouble, these girl twins of mine displayed a closeness only known by sisters.  Girly fun and girly conversations.  Often one would finish the others sentence and many times, only they knew what the other was talking about!

girl twins

Twins may bring trouble….yet they also bring SWEETNESS.  And DOUBLE that too!

Thanks for joining us for Twin Tuesday, Sheryl! I’m sure the walls of your house could tell countless twins stories. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out Sheryl’s incredible memoir, TOWDAH: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope and her blog:

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One Response to Twin Tuesday – Twice the Double Trouble!

  1. Ronie says:

    What wonderful fun! Beautiful blessings!! I have ONE set of twin boys and that’s enough for me. I had to comment because after two ultrasounds by my OB/GYN, he said there was no membrane between them. And I had one, large placenta. I was told I’d be on bedrest, that the twins might not survive. The fear was enormous–but 6 weeks later, after I’d surrendered myself to whatever the Lord had for us, we had another ultrasound. And the membrane “magically” appeared (no, it wasn’t magic–it was a miracle). The specialist said the membrane was so thin that even at 15 weeks gestation he could tell the twins were identical.