Water Wednesday – Multiplication



Water has a unique ability to magnify all available light. I’m partial to sunsets on the water, personally. Imagine this shot with the same sky over a green field. Or a brown field. Not cutting it, right?

Water transforms light, multiplying all its properties into something extraordinary. More than the sum of its parts. What do you think the person piloting that boat must be saying to himself in this photo? What does the air feel like? (answer in comments!)

Do you have a photo of light on water? Please share! I’ll feature it here on Water Wednesdays.

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3 Responses to Water Wednesday – Multiplication

  1. Jessica Brendle says:

    As a child, I was able to go swimming at my grandparents’ lake lot a few times. I remember being practically mesmerized by that shining path of light across the water. Extraordinary, as you said! I was tempted to follow it away to wherever it led… and I think that stuck with me because one of the first stories that I’ve had whispering in my head is the tale of a mermaid’s life and the lessons she learns as a servant of the Father of Lights. I’m inspired by all the effort you and other Christian writers put in…Keep it up! Now, what would the pilot be saying? Perhaps he finds that expanse to be lonely and the air muggy, or perhaps he likes the solitude and slight breeze. Either way, that light on water is enchanting…as if the Creator poured out liquid gold! 🙂