I stand with one foot firmly planted as a reader in the world of fiction, and another foot taking root as a writer. All that I read feeds all that I write and the more I write, the more I must read. It’s a vicious, adventurous, and fascinating cycle.

I have a stack, do you? That pile of books I must read, plan to read, cannot wait to read. It sits on my table and stares at me, distracting me from the words I write. Those authors in the stack wink at me, and tell me I’ll be in someone else’s stack one day.

Great fiction is filled with truth. And a good book will reveal a truth you might already know down deep in a way you never knew you knew until you read it and suddenly you really know . . . and it’s so true.

Have you read any good books lately? I’d like to hear about them. Need a recommendation? We’re talking books on the blog, so click on over and join the conversation.

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